Who is Wi3

Wi3 is focused on providing products to deliver flawless video streaming and full strength WiFi, where it's needed most.

Wi3 did extensive research to determine the most efficient and future proof medium to deliver these capabilities with the least amount of effort and expense.  Wi3 chose MoCA (Multi-media Over Coax Alliance), Ethernet over Coax technology to take advantage of the overwhelming existence of coax cable throughout homes, apartments, dorms, hotels and motels.  In addition, coax cable is capable of tranferring huge quantities of data at extremely fast speeds.

Wi3 introduced its award winning 1st Generation products in 2011.  Since that time, Wi3 management has participated in numerous in-field installations with the objective of obtaining first hand knowledge of real world performance and installation challenges.  This time spent in the field has enabled Wi3 to make substantial product improvements with each new generation.  Wi3 will soon be introducing it’s 3rd Generation product, based on MoCA 2.5.  Our Ethernet over Coax Bridge (ECB) will deliver backhaul speeds in excess of 3Gbps and feature many innovations that will simplify installations and produce best performance and reliability.

Wi3, Inc. was founded in 2008 and is located in Rochester, NY.