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Here’s some additional information that could be helpful for you when installing and using your new WiPNET.


Internet speed
The whole point of the WiPNET is to make connecting your home media devices easier, which wouldn’t be the case if your surfing habits were altered by a lazy connection. Speed tests performed confirm that the WiPNET is just as fast as a hard wired direct modem connection.


Here's how easy it is to connect the WiPNET Network to the Internet:


Types of Cables
In case you're wondering, the WiPNET system works with standard RG59 or RG6 Coax cabling, the standard TV cabling found in most homes today.


It occurred to us that some customers would be worried about their WiPNET interfering with their cable modem or interactive TV. The WiPNET MoCA technology ensures complete coexistence with CATV and cable modems.


Necessity of Filter
The WiPNET filter makes sure your MoCA signals remain contained within the home providing enhanced data security and prevents outside signals or noise from interfering with the WiPNET MoCA network.


Nope, not a type of coffee drink. At least not in this context. MoCA stands for “Multimedia over Coax” and it facilitates home networking over existing coax using the 1 GHz microwave band, which uses OFDM modulation. Did you get that?


Okay, so this means that a MoCA cable can be used for a number of media formats, like televisions, set top boxes and so forth without the need for new connections. This technology is what allows such high quality content and robust data to be carried over a single cable while exceeding 450 Mbits/s. Sweet, right?