Wi3 is focused on delivering Ethernet to

hard-to-reach locations via MoCA2.0 over

coax cabling


MoCA's closest technical competitor is


Category Cabling.  Category cabling, as


efficient as it is, has inherent challenges

  1.   Not nearly as widely distributed as coax cabling
  2.   Installation of new cabling is expensive, difficult to manage and disruptive
  3.   Each "version" of Category cable has bandwidth limitation

MoCA2.0, providing Ethernet over coax,


has inherent advantages

  1.   Very widely distributed in residential, hospitality and commercial properties
  2.   MoCA Roadmap, utilizing RG6 coax cable, identifies Release 2.5 (2.5Gbps) and Release 3.0 (10Gbps)
  3.   If running new cable, using MoCA allows delivery of cable/satellite TV as well as Ethernet over single medium