Who is Wi3

Wi3 MoCA® Network Solutions

We are centered on the principle that today’s web-connected technologies should be simple to use, accessible to everyone for entertainment and education, and empowered to make our lives better. This core idea is reflected in the very design of our flagship product, WiPNET, which uses existing coax cable infrastructure to provide fast and dependable Internet connectivity to multiple web-enabled devices throughout homes, offices and commercial buildings.  With the explosion of the Internet of Things and the continued advancement of streaming, it is of paramount importance to hardwire stationary, high demand devices so your WiFi can provide high level performance to any mobile equipment

Wi3 will continue to advocate for the development of innovative products that make the Internet easier to use. While the awards, praise and early successes of WiPNET were a terrific start to our business, they were not plateaus on which we had planned to rest.

Our MoCA 2.0 generation WiPNET products, the WiP7000 Series, have enjoyed great success, grounded by near flawless performance.  These Wi3 MoCA 2.0 products feature our proprietary WiPcheck™ built-in diagnostic tool that provides a bandwidth performance check on coaxial cable runs connecting the MoCA nodes on the network.

The WiP7001p is the ideal device to bridge MoCA and Ethernet onto the Coax network and to bring a high speed Ethernet connection to any location in the home where there is a coax connection. The WiP7500 is an 802.11 AC based WiFi access point designed for CATV and IPTV customers. Our WiFi units feature concurrent 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual band radios, powerful adjustable max 400Mw transmitters, signal beam forming, MIMO, sleep and standby power modes, and a 4 port Gigabit Ethernet switch.

Wi3 is now on the verge of introducing it's 3rd Generation product based on MoCA2.5.  In addition to speeds in excess of 2.5Gbps, this is a feature rich product with an exciting new form factor and more advanced management capabilities than previous generations. 

Wi3, Inc. was founded in 2008 and is located in Rochester, NY.