Wi3 offers the WiP7001p, an Ethernet over Coax Bridge, and the WiP7500 AC WiFi Access Point.  Perfect “vehicles” to extend your high-capacity services throughout the premise, utilizing existing coax cabling.  Both of Wi3’s MoCA devices provide the time saving Phy Rate tool and the WiP7500 adds Location ID to the Phy Rate table along with SNMP and TR-069 capabilities.  Click links below for 7001p and 7500 Spec Sheet and click on the Product Catalog for our offerings.  Please call your Distributor for pricing.

WiP7001p MoCA 2.0 Ethernet over Coax Bridge - Full Strength Ethernet anywhere there is a coax termination point.

7001p Spec Sheet

WiP7500 MoCA 2.0 802.11 AP Ethernet over Access Point. Full Strength WiFi anywhere there is a coax termination point

7500 Spec Sheet