Everyone Knows running Ethernet cabling through existing buildings is often difficult and costly which makes you feel uneasy and frustrated.

We believe bringing reliable internet from the entry point to internal end points shouldn’t be complicated or costly.  Wi3's Ethernet over Coax products provide you with an easy, quick and affordable way to deliver it to every room. 

Wi3’s WiP7001p Ethernet over Coax Bridge

  • use existing coax cabling
  • eliminate need to run new Ethernet cables
  • hardwired connection to TVs and Set-Top-Boxes
  • customers experience flawless video streaming & Ethernet backbone for favorite WiFi Access Points.

Wi3’s WiP7500 AC Access Point

  • use existing coax cabling
  • AC WiFi, Dual Band WiFi
  • customers can enjoy Full Strength WiFi when and where it's needed most

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