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How you enjoy the Internet is officially changed forever.

FAST. WiPNET connects in minutes to your existing coax cable to provide whole-house Ethernet or "wired wireless." It has multiple connection ports and interchangeable cartridges so it's as fast to connect new devices as it is to download, surf and stream whatever you want from the Web.


EASY. You only need a screwdriver. Since your cable is already in the wall, just connect the cable to the WiPNET sleeve and slide in your cartridge of choice. Network setup can be done on a single Web page. Plus, when it's time for another WiPNET, they simply auto-configure to your network.


RELIABLE. Coax cable is the most reliable signal delivery vehicle available, accessible in over 240 million homes. WiPNET's innovative use of MoCA technology layers your Internet connection over the coax signal, so your cable service remains intact.




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