Everyone's Claim:  WiFi does it all!

Reality:  In today's complex and ever expanding world of High Definition TV, Streaming Video and the Internet of Things, demand for higher bandwidth changes daily and WiFi is anything but CONSISTENT. The BEST way to maximize your HDTV and WiFi experience is to


Wi3’s WiP7001p Ethernet over Coax Bridge
cost effectively deliver full strength Ethernet signal to any Coax termination point, No Extra Cabling
• offload high consumption devices, such as HDTV's, Set-Top-Boxes and Gaming Systems to a hardwired Ethernet
connection, No Extra Cabling
• save WiFi for your Mobile Devices

Wi3’s WiP7500 AC Access Point

MoCA WiFi Access Point with Concurrent Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz, 802.11 AC technology
• Full Strength WiFi and Ethernet to any Coax termination point, No Extra Cabling
• MoCA and WiFi Access Point all in a single device

Where to Buy

Wi3 products can be purchased through our Master Distributor, Simcona Electronics Corporation, as well as other select Distributors. Simcona is an Authorized Stocking Distributor headquartered in Upstate New York. Representing over 100 leading manufacturers, Simcona ships electromechanical components, wire, cable, data networking and security products to select customers worldwide.

To Buy Wi3 NOW Click Simcona Logo above.  For International Shipping contact 800.274.6266 OR infonow@simcona.com

If you are a Professional Integrator and would like to purchase Wi3 products through a regional wholesale distributor, please click below to view available partners. Our list is growing, so please stop back or contact us directly for updated information.

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