In today's complex and ever expanding world of High Definition TV, Streaming Video and the Internet of Things, the demand for higher bandwidth changes daily!

The BEST way to maximize your HDTV and WiFi experience is to


Wi3 Inc offers a 2nd Generation MoCA 2.0 Ethernet over Coax Bridge (ECB) to cost effectively deliver full strength Ethernet signal to any Coax termination point. 

By offloading high consumption devices, such as HDTV's, Set-Top-Boxes and Gaming Systems to a hardwired Ethernet connection, you can save WiFi for your Mobile Devices.

In addition to the 7001p ECB, Wi3 also offers a MoCA 2.0 WiFi Access Point with Concurrent Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz, 802.11 AC technology. Bring Full Strength WiFi and Ethernet to any Coax termination point. 

Wi3 Inc has been working to simplify MoCA installations and subsequent troubleshooting efforts by introducing a PHY Rate table innovation.  The PHY rates in the table provide a quick report on the health of the MoCA network infrastructure.  The Wi3 MoCA 2.0 WiP7500 (CATV-WiFi model) with firmware upgrade version 3.22.03 now provides a “Location ID” (Patent Pending, 62/499,302).  Visit our Support Page for links to additonal information on the Phy Rate Tables.

These will change periodically so be sure to check back on a regular basis!  These solution diagrams and additional information are available on our SUPPORT Page.





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Not sure about how to get started? Try contacting a local Professional A/V Integrator to recommend and install a WiPNET network for you – you’ll be up and streaming without a hitch in no time. Still have questions? Call Wi3 directly - 585-633-0700

If you are a Professional Integrator and would like to purchase WiPNET through a wholesale distributor, please click below to view available partners. Our list is growing, so please stop back or contact us directly for updated information.

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